Will Desktop PCs Die out because Notebooks getting more powerful?

I would like to open this interesting topic here. We all know how each year laptops and even mobile phones are getting more and more powerful every day. If you take one of today’s modern smartphones like iPhone for example and compare it to some desktop Pentium PC which was popular ten years ago then you’ll get what I’m trying to say. This iPhone is a supercomputer comparing it to a 2000’s modern PC.
Desktop vs Notebook
What people imagined a supercomputer will look like in a 10-20 years in future is some kind of ultra large room fulfilled with machinery, wires, CPUs and cables. But truth is that it’s total opposite of that. Nowadays engineers tries to make powerful computers as smaller as it can be, so this is what tablets and smartphones are. These devices are true examples of all in one tools to use. A telephone, gaming console, GPS navigation, data storage, internet browser, graphics editing tool, and so on, and so on… All these options in just one device! Either if you didn’t think about it before, you actually have it. Almost every person who lives in somehow developed country today owns a smartphone, which is highly above from what its words describes it (“smart” and “phone”). You can freely say it’s a nano computer, because it really is.
There are even small ARM micro computers exists already for shockingly low price. (Read this new)

Now the main question from topic comes in: Will desktop computers soon die out because these small devices catching them up when it comes to specifications?
If you ask me, then I have two answers:
1. Yes, they will die out when it comes to normal users like you and me who use computers for personal activities (work, entertainment, studying, exploring etc.) For all these activities every person is doing on their PCs they can do on todays notebooks, tablets and even mobile phones as well.
Every modern laptop can be normally used for work, and even for playing computer games today, depends how strong is enough. But in near future you’ll be able to play every video game on laptops, and you won’t need desktop computer anymore for high source demanding games.
2. They won’t die out just in large IT companies like NASA and such which really needs ultra powerful PC machines for their needs, which will never be able to stay inside small room device like notebooks have.

So these times of heavy desktop computers with many wires and devices connected together will soon be replaced with single lighty notebooks in near future. Even me who’s job is to service computers and electronics stuffs and who works on it use a laptop, because it’s powerful like PC. It’s easier, mobile and takes much less room then desktop one. So you decide a conclusion of this 🙂