PS3 Emulator for Android, PC and Mac is Ready to Play!

The program I’m going to review today is the PS3 emulator. Supported to work as Android Apk, Windows PC or Mac software, this is must have tool for every gamer if you ask me.

PS3 Emulator on Android

Metal Gear Solid 4 ScreenShot

We all know that PlayStation 3 is one of most popular consoles with best released games ever made. Even PS4 still doesn’t have such good games like its previous “brother” has. This means you now have ability to enjoy these masterpieces on other devices except PS3. You can even play in move on your Android smartphone. And developers of this app said they’re working on making it possible on Apple iOS devices as well soon. Technology has evolved so fast that even myself who’s tech guy for whole my life couldn’t believe before ten years something like this will ever happen. That monster piece of PS3 into such small mobile phone, with even better graphic quality like today modern smartphones with touch screens has. It’s such brilliant!


– Get PS3Mobi app from its own website. Detailed installation instruction are added there as well.

Where can I find games to run on this app?

– This is very simple, you won’t believe how easy. Actually it’s what I most like on this emulator, and what is huge difference from all other ones I’ve tried (Including ones for other consoles as well).
Creators of this one made its own 24/7 online database will all of released PlayStation 3 games uploaded there. Which means you don’t have to annoy yourself and search for games online. This can be very dangerous move for your device if we take ability that you can get infected with all kind of malware what is mostly included with games downloaded from internet. Any game will be easy available for you distant with just few clicks from starting to playing it. Just switch to a tab inside the emulators options and connect to server, select the one you’d like to play and this is it! No BIOS downloading, no extracting from .zip (rar). No danger from viruses. Simple and G2G job.

Bug Fixes:

Users of some older Windows operating systems can get this error if they don’t have ‘Microsoft NET Framework’ installed inside their PC:

“Application Error: The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135) Click on OK to terminate the application.”

This is simple fix. All you have to do is visit and install NET framework, then the emulator will work fine.


– As I said above, this software amazed and cheered me a lot. Especially now when summer is coming and I already installed it on my phone to get it ready for playing on it while lying on a beach and getting tan. All I need to get more is a portable battery charger because I’m going to rape this app a lot lol 🙂
A much have tool to kill your boredom everywhere where you need to wait for something and have empty time to waste. Make it enjoy with PS3 emulator. There are thousands of hours waiting for you to enjoy with it.

GTA 5 Android

Grand Theft Auto V on Android (Apk) ScreenShot

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Download link is added above in post. Enjoy!