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Hi everyone. My name is Amir and I live in small town called Dungog, near South Wales, Australia. I run my private computers workshop there. I’m very addicted to computers and all related tech stuff from my young age, including mobile phones, consoles, TVs and everything. I know some programming and digital design too. All of these computer thing motivated me to open this blog where I will share some of my opinions and tutorials about this when I decide to.

Once in a future I plan to open my YouTube channel which I will link with this blog and review all kind of electronics, programs, apps and devices there. For now I’m going to see how this blog will perform and will I stay motivated on maintaining it and keep regularly posting on it.

If you want to contact me you can do it on this email: amir@electrapk.com

I’m accepting advertising as well. Tell me what you have in mind so we might make some deal.

Thank you for visiting,