LeTV Le 1S – A perfect Mid Ranger

LeTV Le 1SThere’s a new boy in town. Yes, we are talking about LeTV; a new smartphone manufacturer. This new company has already made its debut with the launch of LeTV Le 1s and they are also working on the flagship device, Le Max. Both the phones are quite attractive with a very decent price tag but the this one steals the show with premium looks, hardware and a very affordable price tag.

This perfect mid-range smartphone comes with dual-sim support, LTE, USB Type-C port, Bluetooth 4.1 and IR blaster. For a cell with a price tag of a mid-range these specifications and connectivity features are Continue reading

The Simplest Electronics Project on Record?

Wanting to do some electronics with the Explorers, we have been discussing for ages the types of project that we could do with them.

amplifierOur primary aim is to get them soldering. We will give them some simply theory at the same time – how to work out resistor values and the like, but we had been kind of struggling with the actual project. I had suggested a small IC based amplifier circuit, either stereo or mono, that could be used with an MP3 player. After all, most of them have an MP3 player and they would be able to see some real results at the end of the project.

We had settled on the Continue reading

Track Phone Number Location with this App

Now I’m going to show you magnificent method how to trace phone number location and track on every mobile device in a world with using a software (mobile app too).
This can help you in many ways if you somehow get in situation to lost your precious new Samsung S6 or iPhone, or any smartphone available today. People steel it all the ways everywhere you you got to somehow protect your device and find a solution to track it if this ever happen to you.
GPS Phone Tracker
The Cell Phone Tracker works wonders for any mobile phone. It doesn’t matter if it’s Nokia, HTC, iPhone, Samsung or any other one. If it’s old phone or modern smartphone. What is really important is to have a Continue reading

PS3 Emulator for Android, PC and Mac is Ready to Play!

The program I’m going to review today is the PS3 emulator. Supported to work as Android Apk, Windows PC or Mac software, this is must have tool for every gamer if you ask me.

PS3 Emulator on Android

Metal Gear Solid 4 ScreenShot

We all know that PlayStation 3 is one of most popular consoles with best released games ever made. Even PS4 still doesn’t have such good games like its previous “brother” has. This means you now have ability to enjoy these masterpieces on other devices except PS3. You can even play in move on your Android smartphone. And developers of this app said they’re working on making it possible on Apple iOS devices as well soon. Technology has evolved so fast that even myself who’s tech guy for whole my life couldn’t believe before ten years something like this will ever happen. That monster piece of PS3 into such small mobile phone, with even better graphic quality like today modern smartphones with touch screens has. It’s such brilliant!


– Get PS3Mobi app from its own website. Detailed installation instruction are added there as well.

Where can I find games to run on this app?

– This is very simple, you won’t believe how easy. Actually it’s what I most like on this Continue reading

Will Desktop PCs Die out because Notebooks getting more powerful?

I would like to open this interesting topic here. We all know how each year laptops and even mobile phones are getting more and more powerful every day. If you take one of today’s modern smartphones like iPhone for example and compare it to some desktop Pentium PC which was popular ten years ago then you’ll get what I’m trying to say. This iPhone is a supercomputer comparing it to a 2000’s modern PC.
Desktop vs Notebook
What people imagined a supercomputer will look like in a 10-20 years in future is some kind of ultra large room fulfilled with machinery, wires, CPUs and cables. But truth is that it’s total opposite of that. Nowadays engineers tries to make powerful computers as smaller as it can be, so this is what tablets and smartphones are. These devices are true examples of all in one tools to use. A telephone, gaming console, GPS navigation, data storage, internet browser, graphics editing tool, and so on, and so on… All these options in just one device! Either if you didn’t Continue reading